My impressions on ELT before and after taking the Methodology course

Before taking this course I had already had experience on teaching English in different places. I worked at:

– Policia Metropolitana (teaching police officers)

– Liceo Metropolitano

– Maria Auxiliadora school

– Nuestra señora del Carmen school

– CVA downtown

– Loscher Institute

I have to be sincere but I was really empiric when it came to be about doing my job and it was not until I started at “CVA” and later on “Loscher Institute” when I got a formal training on teaching English — I have to say that both trainings and approaches were widely different–. However I had not got and handled such a huge array of information regarding ELT until I took this course at the ped.

 I have learned so much and something which is more important: I have reflected on my teaching performance — especially on my weaknesses– and now I am trying to do my utmost in the current place I am working.

Before taking this course I was one the guys thinking that teaching English was a piece of cake as long as you handle a nice pronunciation, fluency, intonation and a wide vocabulary…

All in all, I can say that nowadays I have realized this is not so true. Teaching English is a demmanding job –as long as you take it for real– so you have to study, train and even research about the way you are intended to perform your teaching activity; and this course have come in handy to improve my performance.

I also would like to thank our teacher for guiding us in this complicated thing which is applying the use of new technologies for our teaching activity.

I have worked with my students using the new technologies and though it has been a little bit messy, most of them have shown a great interest on continuing doing it like this… –next term I am creating a group similar to the one the teacher created to work on their assigments.

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2 Comments on “My impressions on ELT before and after taking the Methodology course”

  1. Nahir Says:

    Hi Oswaldo,

    I like your reflection, you’re not alone in this, I bet many of us thought the same before taking a course like ours at college. And there are many parents whose kids we teach who think they can tell us how to do our job, just because they speak English! Can you imagine if they had to take this course?

    Well done,


  2. Hodra Capote Says:

    Hi Os,

    I agree with you, before this course we didn’t know how complex is our job. I don’t have experience in teaching like the one you have, but I’ve learnt that be aware of ourselves as teachers help us to do a better job everyday. I enjoy also the ICT in the programme… It’s very motivating… I like your blog… Keep working

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